2021 Games Showcase


Friday, May 7th, 2021
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


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               Past Showcases: [2020]


Join us for our annual games and interactive media showcase featuring select games from some of the courses in the Computer Science Game Development Concentration. Although we are used to having an audience interact with our students and experience their games first-hand, this year’s event will be held exclusively online and streamed live.

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Featured Games:

From Advanced Game Projects (Senior Capstone)

CSC 482

This class is a required senior capstone project class for all students in CSC enrolled in the Game Development Concentration. Students work in teams with varied numbers of students over the semester to develop original games. Over the past couple of years, we have had game industry partners involved in critiquing these projects several times during the semester.

Armed Forces



Broken Night



Chess Labyrinth




Dead Beats




From Visual Narrative Project Course

CSC 495/UNC-SA Music Composition Studio [LINK]


In this class, students from Computer Science and Music collaborate to develop 3 visual narrative projects. The first project was a themed Pachinko/Pinball machine using the Unity Game Engine. The second project consisted of developing a 3-5 minute machinima movie or an immersive VR experience with limited interaction on a historical or speculative future event. Final projects used large-scale projection mapping, novel physical hardware, or camera tracking for a full-body interaction experience.

Math Runner




Monkey Island




Ancient Runner




Machinima: Devil’s Tramping Ground




Machinima: Meme Museum Trailer


Wonderland Pinball




Winter Pinball Trailer
Duck Runner
Monkey Run
Ancient Runner